Pet Accessories

Collapsible Pet Bowl Dog Leash Pet Treat Holder
Collapsible Pet BowlDog LeashPet Treat Holder

Plastic pet bowl that is collapsible and easy to fold. A perfect item to take with you at all times!

Available in Blue.

Palmetto Dog Leashes Made by Moonshine USA.  6 Foot in Length.  Navy or Garnet.

Shaped in a dog bone. This tool has a compartment to store pet treats. Also comes with a carabiner and a flashlight on the end. A perfect item while taking your pets for a walk!

Available in blue.





Dog Collars
Dog Collars

Webbed cotton collar with oversewn white Palmetto tree and crescent moon ribbon in a step and repeat pattern. Snap closure; adjustable buckle. Navy w/ White, Garnet w/ White.